InspirEngage Internationalhas had the honour of working with some truly phenomenal individuals and organisations, inspiring us to do the work we do. Here are some of the testimonials as feedback to the services we have previously delivered.

Dr. Eric Chivian, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

“Under the directorship of Melody Hossaini, InspirEngage International is training young people how best to tackle the leading environmental, social justice, and culturally dividing challenges of our time. Particularly important is the work they are doing on climate change, preparing young people to play major roles in awakening policy-makers and the general public about the urgency of addressing this most dangerous, long term, and in effect irreversible, threat to the health and survival of human beings.”

Dr. Eric Chivian, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Shared a stage with InspirEngage at the 'Change the World' conference in Toronto in 2008

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“Working with InspirEngage has added tremendous value to our organization- in bringing the ‘youth’ angle to our efforts on sustainable development. This is tremendously important as those who are in the youth category today, represent tomorrow’s leaders and workforce actually delivering the 2050 targets. This is where we have worked with InspirEngage, as they add tremendous depth and value to our efforts.”

Harry Verhaar, Senior Director, Energy & Climate Change – Philips

“I have known Melody Hossaini for over a year and have had the pleasure of working with her on two separate occasions. The first time was on behalf of one of Summerhouse Media’s clients , an independent girls’ school for whom I was organizing a 5th and 6th form conference for schools in the local area.  I asked Melody initially to be the keynote speaker however it became apparent very quickly when discussing the brief that she could bring so much more value to the audience if she were to run the entire conference from a training and mentoring perspective.  Without exception the 200 attendees felt that she did so much more than inspiring them but made them realize that from that day on, they could make small positive changes to the way in which they led their lives, whether it was in creating the basis of a Life Plan or the way in which they looked and dealt with challenges. Melody has packed so much into her life at such a young age and her  ”can do” attitude transcended to the 5th and 6th form students so much so that a year later, when she was asked to return to give the keynote address at Speech Day many of the girls and parents felt that it was one of the best Speech Days they had ever attended.  The fact that she remembered so many of the girls by name was appreciated and didn’t go unnoticed.


Personally, I feel refreshed and re-energised when I speak with Melody.  She manages to bring a spirituality to her work that is rare.  There is so much more I could say but I think I will leave it there and hope that should you choose to work with Melody you will see some of what I have had the privilege of seeing.”

Louise Hunter- Managing Director, Summerhouse Media Ltd, UK


“I met and work with Melody on the workshop about leadership and project management. Melody is very good trainer, she knows what she wants, she knows how to say and she goes for it. And most important, she is VERY helpful, very kind and friendly, so you can learn from her very much. She is one of those shiny persons, which you just have to enjoy. For me, personally, it was very important time there. When I saw and listened to her I was able to see her world, world which I would love to see and live in as well. I saw possibility and way how to reach what we really want and believe in. She is very inspiring and I learned so much from her. She is one of the people who I never forget, because she is trying to connect people and that is the thing which is VERY important in these days. As Martin Luther King said I have a dream. I can say that Melody has a dream as well and meeting her made me see that dream too and believe it. . .”

Kristina Tabackova, Slovakia


“I participate in a workshop in June 2010 hosted by the British Councils “Challenge Europe” project where Melody was one of the trainers. The theme of the workshop was “Leadership and Project Management”. The workshop consisted of lectures and different exercises in leadership, team building, project management and public presentation. Melody is an excellent lecturer and a great person. It is amazing how much she has accomplished so far, despite her young age and her past. One might even think that this could put down others: “What can I do, when she has already done so much, at such a young age?” But Melody is doing the opposite and with her example- encourages other young people to stand up and make a difference. She is living proof that everything is possible when you put your mind to it. She encouraged us to think about our own story. Her story is exceptional, but we all have a story to share, something that drives us forward. Melody helped me crystallize my story. The saying “Be the change that you want to se in the world” has found its physical representation in Melody.”

Maria Vuorelma, Climate Advocate of Finland


(when asked about most useful session) “Every session on this event was very valuable for me. but if I must choose one it probably would be the session about changing the world with Melody. it was SO inspiring and she showed us so many new ways, without actually saying any concrete thing. for me this was the braking point, not just for my work, but for my life too”

Anonymous Feedback from British Council Challenge Europe Champions- June 2010


“I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Melody Hossaini at Bloom Trusts’ “Awakening Destiny Minds” in May 2010. I had heard about Melody before as a mentor on Channel 4′s Battlefront project as well as a number of numerous other projects. It was a pleasure to hear such a vibrant, succinct and well informed speaker. Her experience and confidence belie her years and I was very proud to share a platform with her. I hope that I get the opportunity to do so again in the future.”

David McQueen, founder of Magnificent Minds and Magnificent Generation, UK

“InspirEngage International  and Melody Hossaini were part of the Awakening Destiny Minds Youth Entrepreneurship Conference organised by Social Enterprise Organisation  Bloom Trust International in May 2010 in London. Melody really engaged with the youth and was phenomenal. Her story and presentation was very personal and motivating. She executed with excellence.”

Sebastian Adu-Gyamfi- Founder and CEO, Bloom Trust Int, UK

“I worked with Melody at a International training event with British Council’s climate advocates in Bath in June 2010. She is a great facilitator and an inspirational speaker with lots of energy. The amount of work she has done and what she has accomplished at such a young age is impressive!”

“Melody was an inspiration to all our PJEA students when she attended our graduation and awarded with Peter Jones the National Entrepreneur of the year Grant Ridley with his award. Her continuous work with PJEA academies is invaluable as she is a true entrepreneur.”

Helen Emberton, Head of Curriculum & Commissioning, Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

“Melody’s ability to uplift and empower our youth is truly inspirational” Patrick Petit, Representative to the United Nations, The Goi Peace Foundation.

Very inspirational and eye-opening. In the space of an hour, I learned more about myself than I would’ve done in 2 weeks. One of the best sessions I’ve been to! Shyam Savani, Students, University of Northampton

“Fantastic presentation – our students and staff have been really inspired to go onto do great things.

Gill Clipson, Principal and Chief Executive of Amersham and Wycombe College

“Forget about business skills! What InspirEngage could teach you is how to live a better and more productive life. How to make and transform yourself in whatever you want!”

Ivelina Zhikova, Student, University of Manchester

I’m glad to say it was one of the most inspiring events I have ever been to and the memories of it will never be forgotten.

The InspirEngage International Skills session was very inspiring. We could all relate to it and view society and ourselves from a different perspective: a better one! You helped us build our own confidence and taught us to follow our passion no matter what it takes! Thank you for the inspiration!

“We were delighted that Melody from InspirEngage could join us for the NCVYS Annual Conference. Speaking as part of a panel on the theme, ‘building a citizen society’, Melody provided insights on a range of societal issues, including the demonization of young people in the media, and the sector’s need to engage in ever evolving ways. It was a pleasure hearing from her, as well as learning more about InspirEngage and the work they are doing.”

Faiza Chaudary, Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Policy and Communications for NCVYS

Very intriguing and engaging. It made me think about who I am and what I can achieve. Thank you!

Ajay Kumar, Students, University of Northampton

“I had the pleasure of meeting Melody when our University Society hosted a skills development workshop by InspirEngage International. I found her to be extremely professional, an excellent speaker and someone whose passion is truly contagious.

At the end of the day, our members left feeling much more confident, inspired and motivated to go and achieve their life goals. They developed their skills in leadership, communication, team work and project management which will have equipped them well for life after University. I look forward to working with Melody again in the future.”

Faheem Amdani. President of Society of Finance, Accounting and Business at the University of Manchester

“It was a very instructive and inspirational session from a truly charismatic leader. I recommend it to everyone out there!”

Maria Racheva, Student, University of Manchester

“Thanks for an amazing day, Melody has been such an inspiration to believe in ourselves, and that we can achieve our ambitions.” Emma leaney, Student, University of Manchester

“This seminar was incredibly inspiring and in just the space of 3 hours I have a much better understanding of both myself and my goals in life- thank you so much InspirEngage”

Jess Bernardez, Student, University of Manchester

I understand why the company is called InspirEngage. Melody kept us engaged throughout the sessions and I have left feeling extremely inspired. Thank you!”

Amber Golledge, Student, University of Manchester

“Melody helps you concentrate on the passion; passion is important in everything you do. Melody Hossaini will help young people believe that they can be whatever they want to be and more. I hope to work with InspirEngage in the future.”

Rem Conway, young person, Actor

“InspirEngage is a wonderful opportunity for young people to explore a path in regards to striving towards an ambitious future. I believe that this is an innovative social enterprise that is creating incredible social change for our young people; which will motivate and encourage them to believe in themselves and create vision for their futures. Melody I applaud you and I wish you all the best of success for your future!”

Talisha Johnson, young person, Author

North America

“In 2008 I met Melody Hossaini at the PeaceJam conference in Los Angeles, California. She is one of the most inspirational and influential individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The energy and passion with which she approaches her work is awe inspiring and her dedication to educating and interacting on a positive, very personal level with people from every walk of life imaginable makes her a shining beacon of hope and promise for humanity.

The conference where we met was highlighted by eight Nobel Peace Prize laureates, the ranks of whom I have no doubt Miss Hossaini will inevitably join. If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with this astounding and amazing human being I strongly advise you to do so, as you will be a better person for the experience.”

Math Jones, California



“Melody is unparalleled in conveying the passion she feels for the issues she wants us to get involved in.  You can’t help but want to support her cause!”

Don Lindsay, Vice President of User Experience, Research in Motion (Former Design Director of Mac OS X at Apple Inc.)


“Melody Hossaini exemplifies to the greatest extent what dedication, passion, and hard work can result in.  Just from hearing her speak and advocate for youth and environmental consciousness you know that she is well prepared in her field.  Melody is nothing less than inspiring and motives any person to take action just by having a simple conversation.  Any opportunity to work with Melody is a privilege, she puts her total self into what she does, something that is scarce in our fast-paced world of today.”

Adrian Cuevas- Teacher. California


“Melody inspires her audiences to take action and make the world a better place, and serves as an excellent role model for our future leaders. Plus, she’s always a sharp dresser.”

Patrick Lor  President, Fotolia North America  formerly co-founder, iStockphoto

“Melody inspires all of those around her to be better and to be good. She is powerful.”

Justin Lee, Co-Founder and Director of the Changing the World Conference

“PeaceJam was an event held in LA that brought thousands of young people together to share thoughts of peace and unity, acknowledge problems in the world and discuss possible solutions. There I met Melody Hossaini which, from the moment I met her, I could see the passion in her eyes and language. Her deliverance of the clear need of young people to become involved in government and world changing movements was clear. From a personal experience, the days I spent with her motivated me to not only become more involved but also truly advocate and make a change in issues I felt needed to be dealt with. I have become an enhanced leader because of her impact on me and it has allowed me to rally young people from around my college campus and to engage them in behaviors that make a change in this peace needing world. What she has contributed to the youth is her gift of knowledge that will be duplicated by everyone she has influenced and through us, her work will be continued on an everyday basis across the world.”

AJ Arvizu, Arizona


Middle East

“I attended ‘Train the Trainer’ with Melody Hossaini in February 2011. It took our Champions in Kuwait to a higher level of leadership, project management, and communication skills. From all the courses I had been to in my life this course is one that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Yousef Alabduljader - Manager at Green Palace Gen. Trading EST, Kuwait

“Melody has completed a number of trainings for our Climate Champions across the Middle East with a view to developing their skills to become active leaders in the future.  From a management point of view, it is a great relief to be able to hand over many of the details to a person who not only knows the subject thoroughly, but who is also able to make learning a rewarding and a fun experience for the young people.  Melody’s strength lies not only in her enthusiasm for Climate Change issues, but in her ability to take young people along with her – to inspire them too.

She genuinely cares about the Champions as individual leaders and follows up with them to find out what they are doing – independently of any external push to do this.  Her passion and determination to make a difference – together with the hard work necessary to make this happen, make her a role model for young people in this region. We hope to continue working with InspirEngage International in the future.”

Sally Ward – Regional Manager for Higher Education, Middle East- British Council

“Climate change was never among my list of interests until recently and so I joined the British council climate change champion program. When I started the training, I was worried that I would feel out of place seen as I had zero knowledge and zero experience in climate change topic. However, Melody made it all worth joining, within a very short period of few days, she managed to fully deliver all related information to a group of over 30 students from different cultures and backgrounds.

We were amazed at the capability of a young trainer in managing a class that consisted students from different age groups and mentalities. In addition to her skills in managing the room and delivering the information, Melody is blessed with a positive and a very lovely personality that turns the atmosphere to an energetic one keeping it fun and enjoyable. All that and more is what got the champions excited when they realized that Melody is going to continue training us in the next 2 workshops. Melody is a dedicated person to her work and very passionate to what she does, which reflects clearly during her trainings. It is always a pleasure to be trained by such a personality.”

Rehab Ahmed Ibrahim- Business Proposition Manager, Nawras Telecommunication. Oman


“Climate change was a topic that I was always interested to know more about so I was chosen to be a Climate champion representing my country. I have attended three workshops which was delivered by Melody Hossaini in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. I was a person who didn’t have information about Climate change nor in solving these issues. I have learned from Melody Hossaini how to plan and implement my project. Moreover I have learned how to be more confident in presenting my project by using different methods such as body language.

Being trained by Melody is an experience that has changed my life.”

Samiya Al-Habsi. Middle East Climate Champion, British Council

“I met Melody for the first time during a workshop in June 2009 in my beloved Kuwait; the workshop was about “Leadership skills” for Middle East Climate Champions (part of a global British Council program). When I first saw Melody I said “thank god there are some hot chicks with us in the group in what supposed to be a boring training”, but the first shock was that this hot chick was our trainer and not only she’s good looking but she’s unbelievably talented :) 

We really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot from her unorthodox methods which made us really interested in our projects and explored new horizons that were missing from dull ideas. I had the pleasure of working with Melody again during another Middle East workshop in Doha-Qatar in Oct 09, and also at COP15 along with many other International Climate Champions from all over the Globe. Thank you Melody for all efforts and wish you the best of luck with your new projects.”

Ahmed Al Mogahwi, Environmental specialist, GEO Environmental Consultation Office, Kuwait

Asia Pacific

“Leaders inspire other leaders.” That’s what she did. She has been inspire a hundreds young leaders worldwide to do good to our environment. She led by example and keep saying “we have the power to save the world by changing our lives”.. It was my pleasure to meet Melody. No doubt Melody will guide you to find your potentials within you..Because you are also a leader..

Goris, Director and owner of PT Barapraja Indonesia, President of Asgar Muda Foundation

“I had the pleasure of first meeting Melody in Indonesia in late 2007 as part of British Council’s Asia Pacific Climate Cool Programme. In 2008, we met once more in Indonesia for a  ’Train the Trainer’ workshop focused on developing the facilitation skills of young people so they could design and deliver training on project management and leadership. Her inclusive nature shone as she supported less confident participants; encouraging and enabling them to fully participate and go on to co-facilitate sessions in a workshop following the training; whilst simultaneously challenging herself to learn, grow and develop. Melody co-delivered a second climate skills development training in the region in Japan in 2009.

Melody has a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented when working with cross sector, multi-faith and multi cultural groups. She is able to judge when to support, empathise and challenge a group to help them better understand themselves and reach their potential as group, but also importantly as individuals. Through being able to quickly build relationships she is able to establish trust and inspire people to become agents for change. She knows when to step forward, and importantly when to step back. I look forward to working with InspirEngage in future and often think about what our next adventure will be and where it will take us.”

Vanessa Rudge- Training Advisor, Cambodian Centre for Human Rights, previously Training and Development Officer, LEAD International.

“I met Melody in March 2009 during the Climate Leader Training hosted by British Council and took place in Japan. The training actively engaged the participants and helped them to work together for the common problems that they face in their respective countries of Asia. Throughout the training, I was truly impressed by Melody’s ability to engage people and encourage them to participate in the works that we were supposed to tackle.”

Junya Tanaka, Climate Champion, Japan.



“I’ve worked with Melody Hossaini in the Project Management and Climate Leadership Program in Japan in 2009. She imparted very important learnings on youth leadership and how we can engage various stakeholders in Climate Change issues. The training team and pool of experts, including Melody, were very effective and the course they provided was very useful in my implementation of my own programs.”

Prof. Kiko de Guzman, J.D. Faculty- University of the Philippines


“I had the utmost pleasure of meeting Melody Hossaini at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held in November 09 in Trinidad. The forum entailed various discussions on issues affecting youth, including sessions on “climate change” where Melody was one of the facilitators of the interactive theme sessions. I was immediately impressed by Melody’s charming personality on our first meeting when she walked over, introduced herself and started a friendly conversation. During our social meetings, I found Melody easy to communicate with as she engaged in lively discussions on many varied topics. I had the opportunity to attend a lecture session where Melody was one of the guest speakers.

Her maturity, passion, intellectual brilliance, and ability to capture the attention of hundreds of young people, was nothing short of outstanding. She was convincing and effective and her enthusiasm for the topic was quite evident in her delivery of the speech. Melody demonstrated her ability to express her views in a forthright and confident manner and left all in attendance with a deep desire to go out and make a change in the world. I applaud her many achievements and my future expectation is that Melody would continue to be an outstanding individual and her work would maintain a hugely excellent standard. I encourage anyone who would be considering her services to take the opportunity of having Melody Hossaini represent your interest.”

Farzana Nazir-Mohammed- Lawyer. Trinidad and Tobago.

“I had the privilege of meeting Melody Hossaini at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Trinidad and Tobago, November 2009. We worked together in a group environment discussing the issue of Climate Change and attempting to achieve consensus on recommendations to include in the communique statement to put forward to the Commonwealth Heads of Government.

As group facilitator, Melody was very helpful in motivating us to unearth the creativity necessary to make valuable contributions. Her incredible passion and charismatic nature fuelled our drive and desire to bring about positive change for our world in the face of a potential climatic crisis. She was very efficient in creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for us to share our thoughts and ideas and allow our voices to be heard.


I also had the pleasure of hearing Melody address the entire youth gathering at the same Commonwealth Forum, where she inspired the youth to achieve their potential. It was then that I learnt of all the major achievements she has attained in her young life. However, it was not until I observed and interacted with Melody in a social setting that I realized she was no different than the rest of us and it was this revelation that truly empowered me and transformed my way of thinking. I now believe that I too can make a difference. Melody is an ideal role model for all young women and youth as a whole and I fully support her in all her endeavors to empower the youth and change the world. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her in the future.”

Staci-Ann Montrose- Trinidad


“I was trained on Climate Skills Development by Melody in Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. She is young, smart and influential. Her training methods are effective. With much confidence I can say that she is the best trainer I have ever worked with. Melody’s methods are interactive- you never get bored during the sessions, she knows how to keep you tuned up all the time, she is full of energy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a prime-minster one day.”

Mohamed F.A Gibril- United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Libya

“I had the great pleasure of working with Ms. Hossaini in December ’09 at the COP15 international summit held in Denmark. Melody was the manager of the youth programme for British Council. Whilst working with Melody I learnt a lot and was able to gain experience too, she is a diligent hardworking individual with great leadership abilities and traits. What I took away from my experience and time spent with her was both life-changing and priceless. Those memories will forever be etched in my mind and soul and I strongly believe that this would be the same for any individual who has the priviledge of working with her. Ms. Hossaini has a great understanding of the challenges we as youth face and she is therefore kept in good faith with those who work with her.

I can honestly say that Ms. Hossaini is an asset to any institute and has greatly inspired me and impacted my life.”

Simoné Carolissen – British Council Climate Champion, South Africa


“I met Melody in 2008 at the COP 14 in Poznan for the first time. There, I already got to know her friendly character and how very well she cooperates and communicates with people from all over the world.  In 2009 at the COP 15 in Copenhagen Melody project manage the International Climate Champion’s programme and it was truly inspiring to work with her. Melody is always very well organised. She had to coordinate more than 50 Climate Champion’s projects and needs and although this is can be a stressful task, she did her work with ease.  She is an upright, empathetic, motivated and humble person; a role model for very many youth and adults.”

Louise Willneff, British Council Climate Champion, Germany

“Melody Hossaini is a charismatic leader and trainer who is guaranteed to raise the energy levels wherever she goes. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melody in Asia Pacific and Europe where we have co-delivered workshops on leadership, climate change and project management. In June 2010 InspirEngage partnered with LEAD to deliver a Challenge Europe training workshop for the British Council.


Melody has a huge capacity for learning and, even more importantly, helping other people learn. She is brave and self aware and utterly reliable. Melody has experience of working with culturally diverse groups. I hope to work with InspirEngage International many more times in the future.”

Edward Kellow, Head of Learning and Leadership, LEAD International

“I worked with Melody Hosseini during COP 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December 2009, on the British Council Climate Change project. Melody was the point of reference for more than 50 Climate Champions, each executing their own project. Melody was incredible in terms of keeping track of each Champion’s project, connecting them to as many valuable resources as possible and finding opportunities for them to best showcase their projects. Answering their queries, making arrangements for, regularly meeting and getting feedback from 50 young people is a tedious and cumbersome task, but Melody did this with ease, grace and extreme patience.”

Trina Talukdar, British Council Climate Champion, India

“Melody and I worked together at COP15. Melody has a very high emotional quotient that helps her handle people form different cultures beautifully . She is self aware, empathetic and perhaps most importantly very motivated. She is passionate about helping young people, and mitigating climate change. I remember her turning up at the Copenhagen Bella Center, before anyone else, helping to set up the British Council stall – making sure everyone knows what they have to do, and being one of the last to leave in the evening.


Her confidence and enthusiasm is infectious and raised the mood and hopes of everyone she interacted with. She kept all of us hopeful and smiling even as the conference spiralled down into failure.”

Agastya Muthanna, British Council Climate Champion

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