Startup and Stilettos – The Future is Female

Our Vision

Marking a turning point in history and empowering women to feel confident and aspirational about a future that will enable them to transcend the barriers that have, perhaps hitherto, held them back and that shows them that however difficult the present moment, the major trends of our time are ultimately on their side. The Future is Female.

What is Startup and Stilettos?

Raising self-esteem amongst women, and providing the hands-on support, tools and training to achieve full potential in (social) enterprise, employment and life skills.

Startup and Stilettos is an InspirEngage International initiative aimed at women within different strands:

  • Courses for adult women – in partnership  
Hillcroft College
  • Younger girls – working with schools building confidence in their chosen career path
  • Women in corporate settings – excel, be counted and give back
  • Women in the Middle East – tailored programmes for Arab women delivered in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain predominantly.

Startup and Stilettos- The Future is Female, being delivered in partnership with Women’s Charity College: Hillcroft College is a unique 2 month programme supporting women from complex backgrounds such as ex-offenders, victims of domestic violence and homeless women to develop core life skills to launch their own social enterprise. In the first month we work with the 25 women, covering all the key modules such as mapping the community, leadership and learning about social enterprise. During the month that follows, the women have to work independently (a key component to the success of the programme), before coming back for the week-end in the second month to shape their social enterprise concepts and learn about nitty-gritty logistics in business. We invite successful female social entrepreneurs to deliver a 1 hour masterclass to the women on expert topics. We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive effects that the programme has had on the participants- which each time has been over-subscribed. Our vision is to expand the programme across geographic locations and currently looking for partners to do this.

The pilot of Startup and Stilettos, found that:

  • 81% of participants after the programme, said they felt ready to launch their own social enterprise
  • 96% of participants said that they would recommend the course to other women
  • 94% of participants rated the Bootcamp as outstanding or good


For all enquiries or bookings, email:



Sign up for future Startup and Stilettos Bootcamps.

NEW dates added for 2014!


  • Friday 25th – Sunday 27th April 2014, or
  • Friday 23rd  - Sunday 25th May 2014

What: A high-energy and interactive Bootcamp delivered by expert trainer Melody Hossaini and team, covering essential core modules to launch own social enterprise. You will join us at Hillcroft College for a residential week-end retreat for this unique and interactive workshop, which includes masterclasses from some of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs around. If you’ve always wanted to have a bit of a shake-up and do something that really matters, this is for you. Each participant has to complete 1 full week-end from Friday until Sunday, choosing one of the dates above.

Who: Open to any ladies 19+

Where: Hillcroft College, South Bank, Subiton, KT6 6DF. Hillcroft is a residential college – all meals and accommodation will be provided for participants.

Why: Have you always wanted to learn more about social enterprise? Have a great idea and not sure how to get started? Want a unique chance to improve your skills by a world-renowned trainer? All participants will be awarded a Startup and Stilettos certification upon completion.

How: There are limited spaces available. Book your place now by quoting ‘Startup and Stilettos’

tel: 020 8399 2688



New Course Available: Social Media Bootcamp!

A week-end residential Bootcamp delivered by social media gurus InspirEngage International! We’ll be covering everything from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook- how to use it, the value of using it and why it fits for business. The Bootcamp includes:

  • Introduction to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for beginners
  • How to use it to get your message heard and connect to the bigger world
  • How to use online social media for business/projects to make money
  • An interactive social campaign task with a prize!
  • An InspirEngage/ Hillcroft College certification upon completion of the course

When: 6th-8th June 2014. Apply the same way as the above!


See more information in this course booklet:

Startup and Stilettos Information (.pdf)



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