Sparks LSE key-note [2012]

London School of Economics hosted this prestigious event to support their aspiring entrepreneurs.

The aim of the conference was to inspire and motivate the next generation of entrepreneurs through a series of keynotes, interactive workshops and panel discussions by some of the worlds leading entrepreneurs.

Melody Hossaini was asked to deliver a key-note, but true to InspirEngage form, we don’t believe in delivering one way speeches.

Melody’s contribution was interactive and innovative, provoking thought amongst the students by setting mini challenges, forcing the students to think as individuals.

We are looking forward to returning to LSE to deliver a full ‘InspirEngage Skills Bootcamp’ in the future!

“Melody’s keynote at Sparks was inspiring to say the least! – the interaction and connection Melody made with the crowd coupled with the valuable life skills and thought-provoking ideas she shared with the audience were an asset to the conference.

She has very much had an impact on my attitude and approach to a number of scenarios that I could face in life and as an aspiring entrepreneur, I can certainly say I finished the keynote feeling motivated and driven to change the world! I look forward to working with Melody on how we can extend the InspirEngage service further within the LSE; it really was an honour to meet such a talented woman with a passion to succeed in every aspect of life.”
Rajiv Dhokia. President Sparks@LSE – LSE Entrepreneurs

“I was present during you presentation during the Sparks LSE conference on Saturday and would say you were one of the best presenters during the day. I certainly had no idea I would be left spellbound and motivated.

It may have changed my life from here on out. THANK YOU. The world needs more people like you…and I aspire to be one of them.”
Mihir Shah, Student

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