Social Enterprise Revolution

The UK’s first Social Enterprise Programme embedded into the curriculum of Schools, Colleges and Universities.


Social Enterprise Revolution is an InspirEngage International programme launched on 10 September 2013, pioneering the innovative change of education and careers. As the world moves towards more collaborative models and pressure mounts on educational establishments to think more creatively about how they support learners in a more joined-up way- Social Enterprise Revolution is paving the path for pioneers.


Imagine a curriculum that:

  • Develops essential Life Skills of students
  • Allows them to use and apply those skills in real-life scenarios in a cross-curricular way, resulting in creating pathways into work
  • Helps improve their local community (giving their learning a valuable purpose) through social enterprise.
That’s exactly what this 1 year programme helps the educational establishments to implement.
We’re working with Schools, Colleges and Universities to turn education on its head (hence the ‘Revolution’!). Social Enterprise Revolution allows educational institutions to develop their students’ life skills, an opportunity to ‘use and apply’ skills in real life, and for it to improve communities. But here’s the best bit- it will be tied in with key components of the curriculum! The degree of this will, of course, depend on the particular establishment. We don’t teach it – we bring it to life!


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How it works:

  • Get in touch to explore joining the Revolution- to do things differently and become one of the national pioneers of Social Enterprise Revolution.The programme will be delivered across the year but the scale will depend on your ambition.
  • Mapping what’s being done already and exploring which components fit the objectives of the educational establishment and its strategic vision.
  • The first component is Teacher Training for staff (pictured) who will become Social Enterprise Champions and will help shape how it fits into the curriculum (you know that bit better than us- it’s your curriculum!). You choose your components out of a list of exciting enterprise, employability and social enterprise InspirEngage menu.
  • The Revolution begins with a big launch and InspirEngage expert team of trainers will deliver the Bootcamps, helping the students to develop skills and create social enterprises.

Components to choose from

Once signed up to join Social Enterprise Revolution, the educational establishments and their Champion staff will work closely with InspirEngage International to draw up a detailed plan, around the components of their choice, which can include Social Enterprise incubator, EU Enterprise YOU! (international opportunities), Startup and Stilettos- The Future is Female (tailored to girls only) as well as employability Career Clinics. All students who partake will receive Life Skills training through the Bootcamps.

  • InspirEngage Skills Bootcamp – life skills, employability, social enterprise
  • Social Enterprise Revolution – Bootcamps and social enterprise incubation
  • Startup and Stilettos - The Future is Female: Aimed at women and girls, building confidence and skills whether it’s for male dominated industries or female led departments
  • Enterprise YOU! – International business programme for 15-30 year-olds. European Commission. European entrepreneurial placements anywhere in Europe
  • Career Clinics: Employability skills and career fairs with a twist! You’re Hired!
  • Social Entrepreneur in residence – clinics, mentoring and SocEnt centre, bringing it home!
  • Staff /Champions training – supporting staff to lead cultural shift & deliver social enterprise
  • Community events - Opening the doors and making you the community hub


Examples of Student Social Enterprises

Social Enterprise examples have included things like connecting construction students to vulnerable people in the community that may need help getting something fixed- through a partnership with the local partners and police- the students will use their skills and work as a social enterprise helping the community. With the profits earned, we will either invest it back into the project or continue to work with the police to create opportunities for young ex-offenders. Another example is working with the Hair and Beauty department, where learners have visited old people’s care home to the nails of older ladies, but whilst doing this, students speak them about their greatest love and their most mischievous years! This develops life skills of learners, allows them to connect their learning to real-life situations whilst improving their community. Their work is also assessed as per the usual curriculum.

These are just two examples of how the educational institutions are creating pathways into work in a socially responsible way through Social Enterprise Revolution.

Tutorial – helping to reinvigorate the curriculum across the board

A progressive 6 week tutorial programme- videos with accompanying materials linked to the Social Enterprise Revolution, centred around personal development, careers and social responsibility.


  • Create innovative and modern pathways into work/enterprise for learners
  • Create added value through skills, community impact and outcome
  • Re-invigorate the curriculum, pioneering innovative education
  • Help ensure improved Ofsted grades


Support behind the REVOLUTION!

nick hurd“We want to connect people with the power to make a difference in their community. When this connection is made, it’s VERY powerful- especially in young people.  Which is why InspirEngage International’s work is so important. Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society (2013)


Gove“We should encourage active citizenship and I have been impressed by the number of Social Enterprises who are helping young people to play a bigger role in the community, of the kind that InspirEngage exemplifies” Michael Gove, Minister for Education


Nigel Kershaw“If social enterprises are to create opportunity, work and a new way of doing business, then we need the pioneers like InspirEngage International to create the next generations of social entrepreneurs that want to transform the world we live in.” Nigel Kershaw OBE. Founder, Big Issue


Princess Badiya“InspirEnage’s Social Enterprise Revolution gives young people the opportunity to contribute to their communities. All this means young people becoming more confident, more capable and more engaged as genuine stakeholders in Society. I am delighted to support InspirEngage International”. Princess Badiya El Hassan of Jordan, InspirEngage Patron


What our Pioneers and learners think

“We are delighted to be working with Melody and InspirEngage International to highlight the benefits of social enterprise to our students and the key role that they can play in society. Governors and staff of the College are committed to engaging in activities that directly benefit the local community and Social Enterprise Revolution makes a significant contribution to fulfilling that objective.” Tony Medhurst, Principal, Harrow College

“At Solihull College we are committed to ensuring our students are work ready by the time they leave us and I am confident this new partnership with InspirEngage will achieve that and a lot more.

The Social Enterprise Revolution at Solihull College has begun, Melody’s enthusiasm has proved to be infectious, and I look forward to seeing some exciting and innovative work being carried out by the College’s young people that will make a very positive contribution to the society in which we all live”  Brenda Sheils, Principal, Solihull College

“Fantastic presentation – our students and staff have been really inspired to go onto do great things.”
 Gill Clipson, Principal of Amersham & Wycombe College

“The InspirEngage Skills Bootcamp was very inspiring. We could all relate to it and view society and ourselves from a different perspective: a better one! You helped us build our confidence and taught us to follow our passion.” Hassan Syed, Aadhar Khadka, Uxbridge College students

“It really was inspiring and your words of wisdom have helped me put my goals into much better perspective.” Raghav Parkash. Oxford Brookes University

“If you are looking for someone with energy, dynamism and inspirational message and the ability to deliver it with freshness and creativity to young people, look no further.” Jane Lunnon, Deputy Head, Wellington College

“This seminar was incredibly inspiring and in just the space of 3 hours I have a much better understanding of both myself and my goals in life- thank you so much.” Jess Bernardez, Student, University of Manchester

Social Enterprise Revolution mentions in the press:

Education Minister visits pioneer college Harrow College and praises programme (October 2013) > (March 2014, Barnet and Southgate College joins the Social Enterprise Revolution) 



About InspirEngage International

A global social enterprise established at the beginning of 2009, with a portfolio in over 100 countries, having reached 1 million+ people. Our Vision is of a world where individuals actively shape their own futures based on a strong sense of personal and social responsibility. InspirEngage has helped improve educational attainment, support young people in jobs and progression, trained educators and shaped national policy in this arena.

We are specialists in social enterprise, we deliver signature modules designed over the last 15 years of experience in the youth sector, and we are re-defining success! Our ethos is; ‘Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid’. Our programmes help individuals find their genius to excel.

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