International Business: Enterprise YOU!

International Business: Enterprise YOU!

A unique 2-day European Commission training programme for those interested in international business. Delivered in Schools, Colleges & Universities


Enterprise YOU! is a highly engaging 2-day programme suitable for schools, colleges and Universities and is tailored to each level. The aim is to develop enterprise skills in students with a thread of international aspirations and cross-cultural learning!

In early 2013, UK charity, Peace Child International, who are coordinating the programme, selected InspirEngage International to be their UK partner. and lead in this European Commission initiative to combat youth unemployment across the EU. In February 2013, the pan-European partners came together to design a unique 2-day programme which incorporates signature modules from each organisation, which came to be ‘Enterprise YOU!’. The world is getting smaller and many have aspirations for international business- Enterprise YOU! helps with exactly that.

Aims of Enterprise YOU!

Our mission is to support young people aged 15-30 across Europe to develop the essential skills to turn their passion into a career, with an international focus. Components:

  • Raise Aspirations
  • Develop essential Life Skills (including enterprise & employability skills)
  • Explore setting up their own international (social) enterprise
  • Connect to an international community

Enterprise YOU!

The training programme covers 9 modules that take the participants, step-by-step through a personal learning journey to define their abilities and see how they relate to their business idea.

The 2-day training programme covers modules such as Identity and Personal Branding, a Social Enterprise Accelerator and InspirEngage PROMA© for project management. The training celebrates the Europe-wide partnership, and allows the participants to look across borders to map the needs and opportunities to run a business.

Enterprise YOU! modules

This unique EU wide training programme is designed to be high-energy, interactive and delivered by leading experts. Each programme has 35 places for students and typically runs from 10-5pm on each day. We will come and deliver to your groups. All raining delivered by InspirEngage International is highly interactive, high-energy and takes a personal-responsibility approach.

Day 1

The trainees will start the training with discovering their own personal strengths, talents, and passion. This is the starting point that leads to their personal destination. What are their aspirations? What are they aiming to achieve? They will also learn how to turn their identity into personal branding, and we empower them to harness essential communication and leadership skills. The trainees will then map their community and society to find the specific needs and gaps in the market. Through a creative social enterprise task, they will generate business ideas, which they learn to turn into a business model using the project management cycle. We will finish the day with a peer-to-peer pitch of their initial business ideas.

Day 2

On the second day, the participants will have the chance to further develop and test their business plan, and they will interactively learn the basics of finance and business development. This will all lead to a final pitch and look at the necessary next steps to undertake, to turn these ideas into reality, on a national or international level.

Unique Components of Programme

  • Robust training which reflects the expertise and proven methods of 7 leading expert organisations from across the EU
  • The European element allows the trainees to look beyond national borders
  • Social Enterprise focus- business with a good cause!
  • A European Commission certification upon completion

Registering can include:

  • 2 day ‘Enterprise YOU!’ training programme delivered by InspirEngage International
  • ‘How to Change the World’ interactive presentation by Melody Hossaini
  • Access to a mentor
  • Access and opportunity to engage with other young people across the EU (live Skype sessions and online platform
  • Access to Start-up funding where needed
  • Certification upon completion of ‘Enterprise YOU!’

The next steps

  1. We’re offering the opportunity to sign up to host Enterprise YOU! as pioneers of the programme.
  2. Email or call us with a little information on what you wish to achieve
  3. We will draw up a tailored approach and book it in!

Case-Study- Harrow College

In the Summer of 2013, we delivered the first Enterprise YOU! programme at Harrow College. 20 Students with an interest in learning skills to take enterprise to an international level, came along to the intense 2 day programme delivered by CEO Melody Hossaini. Because it was July, a lot of it took place outside in the lovely courtyard of the college, and students were pushed out of their comfort zone and encouraged to adopt techniques and a more socially enterprising mindset.

Enterprise YOU!

Enterprise YOU! at Harrow College. July 2013

In the pitch phase, the students were given a task and the winning group pitched using their new communication skills and made it interactive and engaging! The students, who varied in their study area, took a lot from the day, and showed exceptional results. Here are a few of their comments:

“These two days have been a great experience. As the organisations’ name suggests, it has been very inspiring. I have learned various different skills that could help me in later life. I would recommend this to my friends and family.” Sujit Rai

“I have learnt so many things from the InspirEngage International team. I’ve specifically learnt how to conduct yourself in a professional business atmosphere, how to speak with confidence and be patient. The whole day has been extremely beneficial.” Michael Barrett

“I found the Enterprise YOU! sessions very informative. They helped increase my knowledge on project management and social enterprise.” Benjamin Donnan

“It was an amazing training session with lots of exciting activities and lots of useful modules that are essential for me as a business student. Enterprise YOU! has had a positive impact on me as an individual.” Anco Purcaru

“I absolutely loved the Enterprise YOU! programme. Melody Hossaini has inspired me to be the best I can in a business environment. Her lectures were interesting and thought-provoking and I would recommend them to all future entrepreneurs.” Sinclaire de Souza

“I absolutely enjoyed this two-day programme. I loved the units that we covered.”  Joell Fears-Caines

Interested to know more or to book Enterprise YOU?


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