International engagement and policy development

InspirEngage International has always held a global position with a portfolio spanning 100 countries. We have a passion for exchange of cultures, business without borders and influencing policy on an international stage. In recent months, we’ve worked with:

  • G8 Deauville Partnership Summit on Arab Women

CEO Melody Hossaini was invited to attend this high-profile gathering held at Lancaster House, discussing how to support women from across the Arab world into economic participation. You can read Melody’s overview blog about emerging themes and the Government’s announcement here >

  • Commonwealth Secretariat- UN high level report

InspirEngage International helped review United Nations High Level Panel Report in the Post-2015 Agenda and shaped a youth response to the UN. InspirEngage has also previously delivered our signature skills Bootcamps at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. (see more below)

  • Y8 International Summit – 150 young global leaders

G8 equivalent for young people- bringing young leaders together to form a youth response being presented to world leaders. InspirEngage is a partner and supporter.

  • Global Entrepeneurship Summit

InspirEngage International will be taking part in the 4th Global Entrepeneurship Summit (GES) in Malaysia in October 2013. Melody Hossaini will be speaking about Social Enterprise.

  • European Union Enterprise YOU! programme and Summit at BIS

A European Commission initiative focused on job creation and enterprise for young people across Europe. InspirEngage is the UK representative delivering a unique 2 day training programme called Enterprise YOU! and co-hosting an International Summit at BIS in September 2013. For more information or to book the programme for your school, college or University, see > Enterprise YOU!

  • Partner in launching a girls-only college in Saudi Arabia

InspirEngage is a partner in opening the first ever vocational training institution for girls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Launching in September 2013.

  • Global Entrepreneurship Summit- Malaysia 2013

Launched by Barack Obama 4 years ago, this annual event will bring entrepreneurs together from across the world. CEO Melody Hossaini will be presenting and speaking about social enterprise.

On Friday two InspirEngage International Young Ambassadors Yousif Halwachi and Lawrence Haslam were delighted to be invited to the Commonwealth Secretariat to participate in a review of the United Nations High Level Panel Report in the Post 2015 Agenda, at Marlborough House.

During the course of discussions InspirEngage International contributed a number of ideas. Notably the idea of a United Nations Global Curriculum to be taught in the schools of developing countries. The concept behind this idea was that a study in developing countries could potentially reveal the existing skills gaps and the skills needed to build a viable and successful state. A curriculum could then be built by the United Nations to cater for these needs. The idea would be beneficial to the states involved as it would take the strain of the often non-existent public sector bodies.


In the evening InspirEngage was invited to the Young Diplomatic Service Y8 gala dinner – as a partner of the Y8. The Y8 gala dinner marked the end of a one week gathering of 150 bright leaders from across the world in shaping a communiqué to be presented to world leaders including Obama and Cameron. The signing of the communique (which took place during the dinner gala) was a powerful moment for the voice of young people globally. The 51-page communique tackled a broad range of issues from the conflict in Syria to the challenges presented by climate change.  The dinner was an absolute delight for the InspirEngage team, from the food to the company and of course the wonderful Painted Hall of the Royal Navy College in Greenwich.


Our activities help shape how we continue to support young people’s roles in impacting their communities in a positive way and connecting great pockets of work to an international platform.


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