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Developing people, skills and mindset for social impact

InspirEngage International is a social enterprise based in the UK with expertise and programmes in personal development- we support skills development, help individuals to launch enterprises, and train businesses to increase their productivity, happiness levels and impact.

Overview of what we do:

  • Deliver training to develop skills, mindset and motivation
  • Support young people into work and meaningful careers
  • Train corporate teams to define their purpose connected to the company vision
  • Partner to run fresh and innovative projects for social impact
  • Professional speaking on relevant topics to inspire, inform and mobilise action
  • 1-2-1 Coaching for individuals with CEO Melody Hossaini

Going into the 4th industrial revolution and the technological take-over, human skills are needed. InspirEngage is working hard to support individuals and businesses to ensure future success.

Previous clients have included an extensive range of educational institutions (with our ‘Social Enterprise Revolution’ programme being the first hands-on social enterprise programme to have been embedded into the curriculum), corporates such as The New York Times’, Philips and GE, and community focusing organisations like the United Nations, the British Council and The Prince’s Trust.

What we believe in

The world is better when the people in it are happy and led by a personal purpose- coupled with the practical skills to attain their goals. It’s when magic happens. This is what the InspirEngage programmes are centered around.

We provoke attendees to think differently and take the first steps towards change. We call this process ‘energy-wave disruption’, and it’s a key part of our approach.

How we work

Our carefully crafted programmes focus on allowing people to tell their own story and take their own steps. We aren’t the change makers, we are the enablers.

Since 2009, we have been developing the Bootcamps until we felt we had something that truly worked for individuals and their communities.  Bootcamps are never delivered the same way twice – they are tailored precisely to the group and the situation. Our programmes are self-exploratory, highly interactive and thought-proving.

We are always keen to work in partnership on projects, and take a very collaborative approach. Our strong track record of delivery is matched by our history of co-creating offers to fit the opportunities.

Established in 2009 by  Melody Hossaini, we’ve  worked with varied groups helping to make change and re-define personal success.

But don’t take our word for it! Head over to the testimonials page to check out what our clients think. Or have a glance through the portfolio to see what we’ve done previously.



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InspirEngage International was founded in March 2009.

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