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Our aim is to re-define success and the path to which individuals reach it; through self-development Skills Bootcamps that are interactive, personal and exploratory. We also want to encourage a world that strives towards ultimate success, but if we can do so whilst also benefiting communities- then surely that’s the way forward.

InspirEngage International is one of the world’s leading organisations in skills training and people development, with a portfolio spanning 100+ countries, having reached 1 million people in only 4 years.

We are passionate about supporting individuals to fulfil their potential using innovative methods that provoke thought and encourage life-changing growth.

Through the delivery of the ‘InspirEngage Skills Bootcamps’ and Social Enterprise programmes we support participants to develop essential Life Skills to feel more confident, work ready and socially enterprising.

With a wide ranging portfolio of educational establishments and organisations, we design innovative programmes with tangible outcomes- both in gaining successful employment for students and setting up their own enterprise, but perhaps most importantly, students who possess the essential Life Skills and mindset needed in the current economic climate, alongside a strong sense of social responsibility.

InspirEngage International is working to turn enterprise education on its head- by focusing strongly on social enterprise and working with Schools, Colleges and Universities, in building it firmly into the curriculum. As well as this, InspirEngage is now working on several international platforms, influencing policy in this area as well as developing a link to the UK activities. This includes EU, G8, UN and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Established in 2009 by  Melody Hossaini, we’ve  worked with varied groups helping to make change and re-define personal success.

But don’t take our word for it! Head over to the testimonials page to check out what our clients think. Or have a glance through the portfolio to see what we’ve done previously.



Our vision is of a world where individuals actively shape their own futures based on a strong sense of personal and social responsibility, leading to success that also benefits the wider world.


Our Mission. Three fold.

1) To provoke thought in the world- to shake people out of auto-pilot thinking and encourage individuals to truly discover who they are and what to do with it. We do this by using unique shock-tactic methods that push people a little out of their comfort zone of their usual thinking, which results in personal growth.

2) Support individuals to adopt personal and social responsibility. Be proactive and create opportunities for yourself. Connected to this, we also want to encourage people to consider their Social Responsibility- the understanding that you can influence people and the world you live in. Consider that.

3) We want to re-define ‘success’, and bring value to the business world with social enterprise. Measure your value using our Social Capital Bank.


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InspirEngage International was founded in March 2009.

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